Mass Realty: A Vegan’s Story of Discovery, Inspiration, and Commitment

“Founder,co-owner, and manager Linda Harrison embraced the vegan philosophy and lifestyle the moment she discovered the brutality behind the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. The same can be said for fellow co-owner and chef Stuart Reiter. Curious about how her friend turned vegan, Linda found out herself and learned about the horrors of battery cages where hens lay their eggs. Cows are constantly impregnated to keep them producing milk and the female calves can be kept on the dairy farm to join the ranks of their milk producing mothers. The male calves are the ones that have no use for the dairy so they are sent to slaughter or sold to be raised for veal. Learning about these heartless practices, she decided not to be part of any of this cruelty and turned vegan herself.”

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