About True Bistro

Our Story

True Bistro opened in 2010. This was the fulfillment of the Harrisons’ vision to create a high-end restaurant in the Boston area. After deciding on a name and finding a location in Teele Square, they joined forces with Chef Stuart Reiter. They set out to establish a plant-based restaurant welcoming to all. Our goal continues to be to offer great food and service while respecting our environment and its inhabitants.

Our Commitments

Linda and Michael Harrison, Co-Owners

Linda and Michael created True Bistro because they believed vegans in the greater Boston area deserved a restaurant where they could feel good about bringing their veg & non-veg friends and family for a plant-based meal. They also wanted to encourage people to eat a plant-based diet by showcasing interesting and delicious food.

Michael is General Manager of True Bistro. He was born & raised in Bermuda. He met Linda while she was vacationing in Bermuda. They married and lived in Bermuda until relocating to Boston in 1990. He has been involved in the financial management of restaurants and catering businesses for a large part of his professional life.

Linda is a graduate of Boston Architectural College and specializes in designing healthcare facilities. She grew up in South Florida but her heart belongs to Boston which she considers her adopted hometown. She works mostly behind the scenes at True. One of her primary roles is selecting the artists that will be displayed.

Michael’s dream after moving to Boston was to own and operate a restaurant. That dream merged with Linda’s commitment to veganism and the concept of True Bistro was born.

Stuart Reiter, Chef/Co-Owner

Stuart brings to True Bistro over a decade of professional cooking experience and two decades of personal commitment to preparing extraordinary food using plant-based ingredients. His career includes cooking in the renowned kitchens of Greens, Millennium and Roxanne’s, all located in his native San Francisco.

His cooking is influenced by these experiences as well as his time abroad. Chef Reiter has lived in Austria, Japan, Hungary and Ghana and traveled to dozens of other countries, seeking out traditional preparations that are plant-based. His ventures included serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa and living on a family farm outside of Vienna. These experiences have taught him that there is a wealth of traditional recipes in all cultures that do not rely on animal products. In Stuart’s free time, you can find him practicing yoga at O2 Yoga or hanging out with his partner Charlotte and their sassy cat Olivia.

Yuki Yamada, Sous Chef

Yuki was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and raised in the salty backwaters of Cape Cod, where he learned to appreciate the ways land and sea nurture humans and non-humans alike. From his cultural heritage and time spent studying at MIT, he believes firmly in the power of plant-based cuisine to enable healthful and environmentally-sound living.

Prior to cooking at True Bistro, Yuki worked extensively in food and hospitality, ranging from family-owned community markets to high-volume fast casual restaurants, even launching and operating his own vegan lunch cart on Cuttyhunk Island. Throughout his career and personal life, he has found great joy in bringing people together over shared meals and good conversation, and has yet to eat a vegetable he doesn’t like.

Local Partners

We are always excited to find someone producing high quality products that are also made here in New England.
Some of our partners providing exceptional ingredients for your meal are:

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